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Fire District 17 is very proud to maintain the Chaplain Program staffed with Volunteer members of the community.  Our Chaplains our on-call 24-hours per day, 7-days per week to assist staff in 

Joe Cassidy.jpg

Joe Cassidy 

Chaplain 87

Serving as Chaplain since 2013

Joe serves as the lead chaplain for Fire District 17 and also commits numerous hours volunteering with the Granite Falls Food Bank.  Joe has previously served as a Firefighter/EMT with Marysville Fire District from 1988 - 1998 before joining Fire District 17 in 1998 and retiring as a Part-Time Lieutenant/EMT in 2013 following 25-years of total service.

John Gilbert.jpg

John Gilbert

Chaplain 86

Serving as Chaplain since 2007

John has served Fire District 17 as a chaplain since May 2007 and he also commits numerous hours volunteering with the Granite Falls Food Bank.  John previously worked as a volunteer and then a Full-time Firefighter/EMT with the Marysville Fire District retiring in 2015 with 25-years of service. 

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